Wake EP

by The Burden of Sleep

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I have been fascinated with Short Wave radio frequencies for the last 5 years, especially Irdials. These recordings of Irdials are numbers and noise stations: mysterious shortwave radio stations of uncertain origin believed to be operated by government agencies to communicate with deployed spies. I collected them from a group called the Conet Project which is available free. I am not original in my idea to use them in music, but it didn’t seem right or appropriate to include them in Solace music. The idea of naming my side project, Burden of Sleep is reminiscent of many sleepless nights, not wanting to sleep because I was afraid I would miss something. The haunting nature of the recordings drove me into creating the music and just like Opium Head before, I utilized the samples to guide me on how the music was made. We all hear things differently, but what I heard in the transmissions was loneliness and abandonment. There is no other instrument that I know of that can project that feeling but the piano, which is the focal melodic voice and deep undercurrent of the entire EP. These songs are very personal to me, one reason why it took so long to release them; minor adjustments have been since I announced the project in 2010. It didn’t feel right to release then, so I waited. This only scratches the surface of the BOS side project, there are more songs but I am not sure how I will release them, maybe as EP’s? I am not sure. There are about 8 more complete tracks and a multitude of snippets, maybe I will finish them. I have been very indecisive lately and I feel bad that this project has been delayed so long. Regardless, I am happy to share them with you.


released February 12, 2014

Short Wave radio samples provided by the Conet Project.
Music and production by Jeremiah M. Soto
Mastered by Phil Meadley.



all rights reserved


The Burden of Sleep California

Sleep, frantic and neurotic dreamlike states. The spirit decaying and left abandoned. The shadows of guilt and regret haunt these hallways. And a lonely ghost floats through the rooms like fog through trees. Memories become fresh wounds; and attempting to burn them, they become embers as the smoke reminds us to never to forget, never to forgive. There is no rest from the burden of sleep. ... more

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